Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bottled Up Thoughts

There has been a lot in the news over the past year or so about efforts by municipalities to ban single use plastic bags - the kind that supermarkets and drug stores have given their customers for as long as anyone can remember.  Now a similar movement is taking hold to ban single use plastic water bottles.

Concord Massachusetts made national headlines a while back when it banned the sale of bottled water within the town.  Now San Francisco has been in the news as last month they banned the sale of bottled water in 21 ounce or less containers at all events held in public places. This is an offshoot of the green movement, and like the plastic bag ban, I would expect the efforts to gain momentum in the coming weeks and months. Against this backdrop, the attractiveness of reuseable water bottles as a promotional item only figures to increase.

Some great options beyond the typical sport bottle include:

Pismo Aluminum Water Bottle

25 oz single walled water bottle with a great looking black matte finish. Bold color silcone center band accent.
Pricing starts at $4.99.

Contigo Madison Hydration Bottle

24 Oz Contigo branded Autoseal hydration bottle with carrying loop and push button opening.
Pricing starts at $11.99.  Order as few as 48 pcs.

Bobble Sport

New edition of the popular Bobble bottle with a carbon filter which removes the impurities out of tap water - This one is made for an active lifestyle with a soft touch cap and easy-carry handle.  Provides the equivalent of 300 single use bottles of water.  
Pricing starts at $9.98