Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Communicating in 2016

On a typical day, my college student son will head out the door without saying a word,  He’s not big on pleasantries, especially early in the morning.  But then at some point during the day, my phone will beep with a text message from him.  And beep...and beep some more.  And often times, we’ll have a pretty in depth discussion on any number of topics.  

The type of conversation that I used to have with my dad at the dinner table or by telephone (remember them?) now takes place on a smartphone screen using voice to text.

Welcome to communication 2016.  Phone conversations are no no’s.  Texting, emailing, Facebook Messenger, and don’t forget Snapchat and Twitter.  These have all become the communication tool of choice for Gen Y (millennials).  And I fully realize that the further along we go, more and more of the clients I work with are going to fall into this age category.

As someone who can remember dial phones and a time when calling long distance meant a major expense, it would be very easy scoff at this development.  But I also didn’t grow up with the internet, smartphones and X Box Live.

Like it or not, the way that we all communicate is changing or maybe has already changed for good.  And staying relevant means adapting.  Don’t do social media?  How does it feel to be described as out of touch?  Because you are.

In sales they talk about making sure we’re accessible during our clients prime time - not our own.  Well the same point extends to how we communicate with clients.  It has to be through THEIR preferred medium, not ours.

Providing value for clients in part means being easy to contact and communicate with.  Time to study up on those Snapchat filters.  

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