Monday, June 6, 2016

Is Your Business Being Disrupted? Here's a Way to Fight Back...

One of the key buzzwords in business right now is disruption.  And there’s no denying that technology is disrupting many industries from entertainment to transportation, to education, financial services and yes, even promotional products.

Using the insurance industry as just one example, Geico, Progressive and other insurers continue to grow market share with business models that allow customers to go online, click a few links and become a customer very quickly.

The traditional agent model is under pressure.  Customers have been ‘Amazoned’ into the mindset of using their phone or laptop to buy what they need online quickly and without delay.

Fewer and fewer people want to take the time to meet with an agent, do the needs analysis, wait for the agent to get back with a written proposal and then make a buying decision.

If you’re running into this scenario with your business more often than you’d like, keeping your name or brand in front of customers is your best response.  Out of sight / out of mind?  Expect your book of business to be disrupted.

This is where promotional products can really help. One their key strengths is their ability to keep a brand in front of customers in ways that range from obvious to clever.  Chosen correctly, those logo mugs, pens, calendars etc will work their magic and create numerous ad impressions long after you’ve left your clients home or office.

And don’t overlook the good will that promo items create.  People love giveaways, especially when they’re cool, fun or useful.  The key factor though, is that promo products can help your clients and prospects remember you as they make a buying decision.

Fight disruption by staying in front of your customers.  Promotional products will help you do just that!

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